BS Metal

BS Metal is a global leader Producing & Supplying a copper & Copper Alloy Tube, 

Graphene Coated Tube, many kinds of fin tube, titanium tube, stainless tube for customers

in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration end appliance,

petrochemical, ship-building, desalination. 


Graphite is a structure in which carbon is stacked in layers with planes arranged like honeycomb hexagonal nets.

It is used in pencil lead and is a familiar material to us.

This layer of graphite is called graphene.

Graphene has a thickness of 0.2mm and is highly stable physically and chemically.

Graphene applied products : All kinds of tube & fin tube be applied. 

• Patent : 1. Graphene Applied Tube, 2. Graphene Applied Radiator, 3. Heating Vinyl, 4. Heating Shose, 5. Heating Glass, 6. Heating Plastic, 7. Conducted Wooden Pannel, 8. Conducted Floor, 9. Conducted Heat Exchanger, 10. Conducted PVC Pipe 

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