BS Metal

BS Metal is a global leader Producing & Supplying a copper & Copper Alloy Tube, 

Graphene Coated Tube, many kinds of fin tube, titanium tube, stainless tube for customers

in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration end appliance,

petrochemical, ship-building, desalination. 

Those are applied for Desalination, Oil refineries, Petrochemical industry, Ship-building,Power Plant Refrigeration and Heat Exchanger Field. 

All kinds of international standard can be produced

Copper Nickel Tube

C7060 (CuNi90/10), C7150 (CuNi70/30), C71640 (CuNiFe66/30/2) 

Dimension : 1.50mmOD ~ 500mmOD, Max 27Meter Length produce. 

Albrass Tube / Admiralty Brass Tube / Brass Tube

C6870, C44300, C23000, C26000, C27000, C27200, C27400, C28000, ---.

Dimension : 1.50mmOD ~ 100mmOD, Max 27Meter Length produce. 

Copper Tube

C1100, C1201, C12200


1.50mmOD ~ 500mmOD, Max 27Meter Length produce.

U Bend Tube

We produce & supply by u bend condition also.  After then, we do heat treatment at the u bend area.  

Chemical Composition

Production Process 

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