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We strive to increase the energy efficiency of air-cooled heat exchangers used in power plants, incinerators, and petrochemical plants.


It is used in various heat exchangers of shipbuilding, fresh water, and heating and cooling facilities and is produced precisely in accordance with the specifications.


A device for transferring heat from high to low temperature of two fluids with different temperatures to high temperature.

Fin is attached to the tube to maximize heat exchange efficiency.

We will develop and move forward through 
the best technology.


BS Metal Fin Tube

Those are applied in the field of heat exchangers and various fields

Those are applied for Heat Exchanger Field , Oil refineries, 

Petrochemical industry, Ship-building, Power Plant, Refrigeration.

Quality Management

Our Company doing our best to do produce & supply the best quality products & service. 

We are making efforts to achieve satisfactory 

results through regular quality control.



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