BS Metal

BS Metal is a global leader Producing & Supplying a copper & copper alloy tube,

many kinds of fin tube, titanium tube, stainless tube for customers

in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration end appliance,

petrochemical, ship-building, desalination. 


BS Metal is a global leader providing a copper & copper alloy tube, many kinds of fin tube, titanium tube, stainless tube for customers in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration and appliance, petrochemical, ship-building, desalina-tion. 

We produce & supply the most advanced plain tube and fin tube for heat transfer solutions in today's marketplace. We have also earned a reputation in the non-ferrous metals market. 

Throughout our history, Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction continues to drive our vision for the future. With a global customer base, BS Metal is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of surface-enhanced copper and copper alloy tube, high quality copper & copper alloy plain tube, and specialty alloy tubes. 

Now were forcus on produce & supply Graphene Applied Products include all kinds of tube and fin tube material as first stage. You can see our related patent from our products section. 

Head office is in Seoul, Korea and Factory is in near Busan, Korea. 

Whenever you need, we will be there. 

President (BS Metal - 별솔금속)


BS Metal Co., Ltd has been in business for over 17 years. We have consistently earned a leadership position it the non-ferrous tube & fin tube product markets; for first copper & copper alloy plain tube products and then transformed itself into a various fin tube market, now heat exchanger 


The BS Metal Co., Ltd begins manufacturing small, seamless copper and copper alloy tubing in a 3,300 square foot mill in Kim Hae City, 

Kyung Sang Nam - Do, for heat exchanger, ship building, power station, chemical industry.


The company is received ISO9001 Quality Certificate from The Joint Accrediation System of Australia and New Zealand. And We absorb DRC&A Co., Ltd into BS Metal Co., Ltd.


The Company is established and approved R&D Center from Korea Industrial Technology Association. And applied for a two Patents for revolutionary high fin tubes. This year also signed of cooperation between industry and the academic world with Chung Cheong University in Korea.


A new plant is built in Uiryeong-Gun in Kyoung Sang Nam-Do (16,500m2) in response to the growing insustry. 

We invent double wall tube and big size tube over than 500mm out-diameter


BS Metal devided into two company - Factory side (BS Metal) and Seoul Office side (별솔금속)


Seoul Office (별솔금속) absorbed factory and changed company name to 

별솔금속 but English name be same BS Metal Co., Ltd.

Certify as a Root Company


ISO 9001 Approved, 10 Graphene Patent acquired totally


Registered as a Kuwait KNPC’s Vendor, Petronas in Malaysia


Establish of Company R&D Center

Designated  as a High Technology Company, Certify as a Venture 

Company, Inobiz Company, Mainbiz Company, 

Designated as a Small and Medium-sized Export Enterprise

TEL : 82-2-335-0612    |     FAX. 82-2-335-0613     |     E-mail :

Rm. 501, HausD biz. 10, Seonyu-ro 3-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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