BS Metal

BS Metal is a global leader Producing & Supplying a copper & Copper Alloy Tube, 

Graphene Coated Tube, many kinds of fin tube, titanium tube, stainless tube for customers

in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration end appliance,

petrochemical, ship-building, desalination. 

We do quality management accord to ISO9001 standard.

-    100% ECT Test for all tubes & pipes.

-    Hydro test follow with client requirement for tubes & pipes, fin tubes.

-    PT, UT Test for plate.

-    PMI for our tube & pipe follow with client requirement.

-    And other required inspection do if client need additionally.

ISO9001 한글
ISO9001 한글
ISO9001 영문
ISO9001 영문

TEL : 82-2-335-0612    |     FAX. 82-2-335-0613     |     E-mail :

Rm. 501, HausD biz. 10, Seonyu-ro 3-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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